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Play Professional Sniper 

Stage 1, At Bill's:

Shoot the guy in blue cap who is smoking next to his car. (1)
Stage 2, Neighborhood Thief:

Wait until almost everyone leaves the are and than out of the doors comes out bearded man (1), wait until he reaches and takes newspapers (2) and than shoot him before he leaves area.
Stage 3, Noisy Neighbors:

Shoot the lamp (1), Tv (2) and a sound system (3).
Stage 4, Walk in the Woods:

Wait while your target (1) is under the branch (2) and than shoot, so it falls on the target.
Stage 5, On the Highway:

Shoot the man in the black car (1) before he leaves the area.
Stage 6, Strelka:

Take out all 5 enemy ninjas (1), (2), (3), (4), (5) before the signal is shown.
Stage 7, Last Stunt:

Wait until stuntman (1) warms up and starts his jump and than shoot him, there are some good spots (2), (3) in the air where you could aim when he is jumping.
Stage 8, Countryside Visit:

Shoot the first kidnaper (1), wait until the second kidnaper (2) is behind car and than shoot him and after that finally take out the last kidnaper (3) who is smoking next to red car.
Stage 9, Bad Habits:

Wait until you target (1) reaches Joe's Bar and starts drinking and than shoot him.
Stage 10, The Professional:

You need to take out 9 targets (1) without letting anyone to escape. Best way to do it is by shooting fastest ones first. Fastest ones are in red caps, next ones are in blue, than white and slowest are in green caps. Don't bother about ones in pink caps, you can shoot them after you have dealt with others.