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Creative Kill Chamber Strategy Guide

by: Eric Posas - ESP Animation

Play Creative Kill Chamber 

Level 1:
Click the box to run behind it. Grab the small stone next to you. Click on the guard to throw the stone at him. Click in the guard's general area to walk over there. Click on the key to unlock your handcuffs. Pick up the rock/stone. Pick up the Rifle. Go through the door.

Level 2:
Quickly click on the first pillar to run behind it for cover. Click either one of the guards, dispatch both of them. Click on that general area to advance once the guards are dead. Pick up the key card and the pistol. Click on the door's card-entry slot to go through the door.

Level 3:
The guard will throw you immediately. As you're falling, click on the ledge to grab it. Click on the guard and select the pistol option. Pull yourself up by clicking above the ledge. Click on the dead guard to pick him up. Click on the spiked area to throw him down. Click on him once he's down there to jump on him and avoid the spikes. Click on the opposite ledge to jump across. Enter the doorway.

Level 4:
Click on the red glass box to obtain the ice picks. These will allow you to climb up wall. Click on the upper part of the wall to stick your picks into the wall. Click that spot again to start climbing up.

Level 5:
Once you climb up, click the edge of the ledge and be ready for the guard. Once the guard walks over, click him and dispatch him with either the pistol of an ice pick. Jump down. Time will slow. Choose how to kill the next guard. Pick up the knife. Go through the door.

Level 6:
Click on the guard and choose how to kill him. Climb up on the box. Get the plasma pistol. Click on the blue box again to get back up. Jump on the floating platform. Jump on the opposite ledge. Click on the blue sphere to shoot it to unlock the door (Make sure you get the timing right). Go through the door.

Level 7:
Click the guard across from you. Choose his death (Double shot or Charge shot). Quickly kill the next guard (hint: you'll score a unique kill here). Grab the plasma rifle. Shoot the box using "minimal power". Grab the grenades. Jump up upon the middle stone tower. Click on the rock mass blocking the door and choose the grenade option. Go through the door.

Level 8:
Click on the first guard and choose the plasma rifle. After he's dead, click on the other guard (atop the platform) and it'll give you 3 choices. Choose angle 2. He'll get hit and fall on the button which will activate the door. Jump up on the first block. Then proceed the the smaller block and on through the door.

Level 9:
Click on the guard and choose the death that you like. Climb up on the box. Get your jetpack at "Rocket Hut Jr's". When you're strapped and ready to go, click on the upper part of the screen to start the pack and again to fly up.

Level 10:
There'll be a ninja. Quickly click on him and choose the grenade option (he'll just block your plasma shots). Be ready, he'll try and hit the grenade back at you. You'll have to shoot the grenade mid-air by clicking on it (once you see the red arrow). This detonates the grenade and kills the ninja-guard. Fly up to the next section.

Level 11:
Click on the guard and choose how to kill him (You get 3 choices, each with their own benefit). Fly up and exit.

Level 12:
Quickly shoot the arrow that's coming towards you. This will deflect the arrow and cause it to crash and detonate on the tower and will kill the guard in the process. Grab the Tech Bow. Jump atop the stone tower. A guard will approach; Click on him and dispatch him any way you choose. Exit the final section to your freedom.