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S.W.A.T. 2.5 Strategy Guide

by: Eric Posas -

Play S.W.A.T. 2.5 

Aim and Fire
Enable Night Vision
Disable Night Vision
Level 1:
Look to the upper right-hand corner of your screen. The man escaping will appear in a few seconds, attempting to jump off the roof and run away. Shoot him as he's escaping from the roof or wait until he's on foot and shoot him in the head.

Level 2:
Your first target will appear on top of the roof. Shoot him after he passes the "bricks" to his partner. His partner will catch the bricks. Shoot him AFTER he loads them into the truck.

Level 3:
Shoot out the big window in front of the building. The target will check it out. Eliminate him as he steps in the scene.

Level 4:
Scope out the scene. You'll spot a light fixture mounted on the wall, on the left side of screen. Shooting the light itself, will only break the bulb; Shoot the small hook/ring that holds the light in place... You'll have to time it correctly, however. Wait until the baddie is on the right (he paces back and forth / left and right), otherwise, you will miss. Once you time the shot with his walking pattern, the light fixture will swing and knock out the target.

Level 5:
During this mission, you must scare the enemy in question. Start off by shooting either his hat, the jail cell bars, or his leg. Shoot each of these areas to make him cough up the information.

Level 6:
You'll need to find 3 bricks of "product" in this particular mission. Turn on your Night Vision with (D). You'll see one brick resting on the 18-wheeler truck. Shoot it to collect it. After collecting that one, you'll see a lone cardboard box. Shoot it to reveal another brick. An enemy will come walking by after you collect that one. Shoot him in the head as he walks by and he'll drop the final brick. Collect it and continue to the next mission.

Level 7:
This is an interesting shot. Wait until a car pulls up. The target will step out and walk over next to the water to have a smoke. Don't kill him; Instead, shoot him in the legs!

Level 8:
On this level, shoot any one of the windows in the building nearest to you. The assigned target will jump out, shattering a window. Shoot him before he runs away!

Level 9:
You are to find a weapons cache buried behind a brick wall. You'll notice a crack in the bricks ahead of you. A man will come by carrying an explosive barrel (How convenient!). Line your shot up with the barrel and the crack in the wall and you'll discover the hidden weapons cache. (You'll have to restart the mission if you shoot him too late or he puts the barrel away)

Level 10:
On this level, you're teaming up with another SWAT member. You'll notice a place to shoot in order to signal to your teammate that you're ready. Shoot this area, and your comrade will throw a C4-bomb pack on the target's car. As soon as this occurs, shoot the bomb pack; This will detonate the pack and destroy your target.

Level 11:
You'll notice that your target is female in this particular mission. If you look closely, you'll see a member in the middle of the group with longer hair and female features. Dispatch her to get to the next mission.

Level 12:
Okay, there are two ways to beat this level.

Option 1: Put on your NV Scope and you'll see a weak point in the bridge. Shoot this to create a hole in the bridge. Your target will fall through and drown in the riverway.

Option 2: Wait until you see Jaxx running across and quickly shoot her through the metal bars.

Level 13:
On this mission, you have to hack into the enemy's power grid. You'll see a box that emits a beeping noise and displays green dots.... This is the code of the grid itself. It's 2432. Shoot the power grid's box. Enter this code into the screen that appears. The house's power will go out. Put your NV Scope on and you'll find the target in one of right side windows. Blast him and progress to the next mission.

Level 14:
Pay attention to who's winning the boxing match. It's the guy in the red gloves. Take him out with one well-placed shot and you'll be on your way to the next mission.

Level 15:
This mission is an all-out enemy shoot-out. There'll be three goons running around shooting you. Shoot them before they take your Lifebar to zero. The first guy will be in the lower middle. The second will run across the bridge from the right, in the background. The third will run from the right to the middle of the screen not long after the last guy. Take them out and progress to the final level.

Level 16:
The last level serves as the end-game cinematic as well. You'll focus in on the Don and the screen will wait for your mouse-click input. Shoot away and splatter the Don's brains all over the place. This wins the game. Congrats.