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 Risk of Rain Tribute 
 Benjamin vs Micwizard Final 
 Pencilmation 36 : Rabbittersweet Goodbye 
 Black OPs Tribute 
 The Last of Us Animation 
 The Last of Us Tribute 
 Pencilmation 35 : Catson Pawlick 
 Montage Competition 
 Stick Toss 
 Bring the Fight 
 SE: 3D Fan Trailer 
 Stick Empires - Play Now! 

 Stick Store 

 Stick War 2 - Game 
 Stick War - Game 
 Pencilmation Christmas: Peril of the Bells 
 Stealing the Diamond 
 Final Fantasy Last Mages 
 Combo Factory 
 Stick Dude Killing Arena 

 Pencilmation 24: Plight of the Living Dude 


The long awaited moment is here, results for the winners of this years Game Tribute Legion 2 are posted!

There was $2,900 awarded to our contestants this year in a really tight race for the top spot. Each animation was scored by 3 judges based off of their quality, length, story and style.

To view these results, simply click here.

To view the animations, simply check the front page! We will be releasing them one at a time, a couple each week!